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2015 Winners

2015 ASU Old-Time Fiddlers Convention

Competition Winners

Youth Guitar
3rd Chris Chandler
2nd Brandt Schanbauer
1st Wesley Coathey

Youth Dance
3rd Hawk Dillon
2nd Madison Shepherd
1st Addison Levy

Youth Fiddle
3rd Anissa Burnett
2nd Haven Schanbacher
1st Cooper Parsons

Youth Banjo
3rd Rylan Schanbacher
2nd Brittany Osbourne
1st Madison Shepherd

Adult Banjo
3rd Chip Corbitt
2nd Richard Hood
1st Kelly Breiding

Adult Mandolin
3rd Brandon Johnson
2nd Rodney Hodges
1st Steve Lewis

Adult Guitar
3rd Brandon Johnson
2nd Glenn Graves
1st Steve Lewis

Adult Fiddle
3rd David Burns
2nd Evan Kinney
1st Mick Kinney

Adult Dance
3rd Natalie Taggart
2nd Brett Martin
1st Forrest Doyle

Folk Song
3rd Harlan Fields
2nd Ian Snider
1st Sarah Gibson

String Band
3rd The Sheets Family Band
2nd Strictly Strings
1st Uncle Buck & the Dad Sounds