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2016 Winners

Competition Winners

Youth Guitar
3rd Hazel Paisley
2nd Brandt Schanbacher
1st Liz Carter

Youth Dance
3rd Wesley Coatney
2nd Hazel Paisley
1st Asa Nelson

Youth Fiddle
3rd Haven Schanbacher
2nd Madison Elmore
1st Wesley Coatney

Youth Banjo
3rd Ryan Schanbacher
2nd Henry Coatney
1st Brittany Osborne

Adult Banjo
3rd Richard Hood
2nd Aaron Ratcliffe
1st Gordy Hinners

Adult Mandolin
3rd Zeb Gambill
2nd Jonah Horton
1st Carl Jones

Adult Guitar
3rd Zeb Gambill
2nd Steve Kilby
1st Presley Barker

Adult Fiddle
3rd Erynn Marshall
2nd Cecil Gurganus
1st Willow Dillon

Adult Dance
3rd Ben Nelson
2nd Erynn Marshall
1st Gordy Hinners

Folk Song
3rd Ian Schnider
2nd Kathleen Burnette
1st Kris Trulsen

String Band
3rd Bill and the Bells
2nd Old Drake String Band
1st Watauga Crimestoppers