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2019 Winners

Adult Guitar
1st Graham Ferrel
2nd Brandon Graybeal
3rd Tray Wellington

Youth Guitar
1st Karlee Hahm
2nd Ethan Purdue
3rd Ashley Montgomery

Adult Fiddle
1st Anissa Burnett
2nd Asa Nelson
3rd Wesley Coatney

Youth Fiddle
1st Asa Nelson
2nd Robina Josephine Walker
3rd Norah Coll

Adult Banjo
1st Jared Boyd
2nd -tied- Jeremy Glaslow & Chris Johnson
3rd Ben Reiter

Youth Banjo
1st Nicholas Wingo
2nd Arthur Bruce
3rd Colin Sprinkle

1st Liam Purcell
2nd Brandon Johnson

Adult Dance
1st Clark Williams
2nd Gordy Hinners
3rd Julie Shepard-Powell

Youth Dance
1st Wesley Coatney
2nd Nora Shepard-Powell
3rd -tied- Rebekah Myers & Hannah Beddingford

String Band
1st The Old Thyme Band
2nd Gap Civil
3rd Zionville Cracker Jack

Folk Song
1st Ashley Wright
2nd Deborah Fen Sheets
3rd Jack Zell