Contest Rules

  1. Each contestant may only enter one individual event. (Does not include folk song, stringband, and dance)
  2. Judges will be looking for performances representative of old-time Appalachian traditions.
  3. Youth contests are open to ages 16 and under.
  4. If an individual placed first in a 2015 youth competition they will be required to compete in the adult competition the following year.
  5. All contestants and bands will perform one selection.
  6. Registrations close 15 minutes prior to the respective competition. For example, guitar registration closes at 10:45 and the competition begins at 11:00. Be mindful of competition schedule in order to not miss your competitions time slot.
    A registration table will be located in the foyer outside the Summit Trail Solarium in the Plemmons Student Union.
  7. Individual contestants may play alone or have one rhythm accompanist.
  8. Folk Song contestants must perform traditional songs in the public domain. Playing a copyrighted song  will result in disqualification. 
  9. A band competing in the string band contest must consist of at least three but not more than seven members. Bands competing in the traditional band contest should use instruments normally found in old-time bands.
  10. Folk Song contestants must keep their songs under 3 minutes.