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2023 Winners



Youth Guitar

1st - Corban Walls

2nd - Maggie Wilkerson

3rd - Hudson Mikeal

Adult Guitar

1st - Steve Lewis

2nd- Ben Cockman

3rd - Connor Vlieststra

Youth Fiddle

1st - Cheyenne Grantham

2nd - Nora Shepard-Powell

3rd - Sam Wilkerson

Adult Fiddle

1st - Maddy Mullany

2nd - Henry W. Barnes

3rd - Clarke Williams

Youth Banjo

1st - Bella Davis

2nd - Margo MacSweeney

3rd - Henry Garvin

Adult Banjo

1st - Owens Grooms

2nd - Brock Greer

3rd - Hanna Traynham

Youth Dance

1st - Margo MacSweeney

2nd - Kelly Lowe

3rd - Molly Wilkerson

Adult Dance

1st - Rodney Sutton

2nd - Clarke Williams

3rd - Gina Dilg

String Band

1st - DAPP State

2nd - Henry Barnes Band

3rd - Boone Creek Girls